We present you with an offer that allows you to deal with all HR and payroll matters in Sweden at one go.

What exactly is the EOR service?

Employer of Record is a type of human resources management, which consists of formal guardianship over employees by an external organization. In this way, the company gains a locally hired employee who is fully under the care of the formal employer, the EOR entity. As part of the monthly subscription, we will take care of:
Running a business requires vigilance and commitment. But you don’t have to do everything yourself. Plans to expand into foreign markets become much easier to implement when you can manage your team from anywhere in the world. The “EOR” employment model ensures professional care and management of your HR and payroll matters in another country. This is why it is a cost-effective solution from a strategic, financial and operational perspective.

Uniqorm has been executing assignments for clients for many years, in compliance with regulatory and legal requirements that are directly related to employment, immigration and payroll. Working with us means more time for you. You can fully trust our experts and grow your business without hindrance.

With EOR:
The market in Sweden requires thorough knowledge of regulation on a global, regional and local level. With us, there are no borders for your company.

We have helped many companies:
Let us build your foreign workforce together.

Recruiting and accounting for self-employed persons who are involved in your company as employees. We want to serve you with our experience, knowledge and international infrastructure. With our knowledge, you reduce your business risk. Thanks to our experience, you will complete all formalities faster. With our international structure, you provide your employees with, among other things, employee benefits (including medical care and pension insurance) and payment in Swedish kronas.

Uniqorm is the leader in EOR services in Sweden

EOR at a glance
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Having your own company in Sweden can be expensive and risky. But with Uniqorm you get expert help. EOR is a modern tool for managing personnel in another country. A tool that saves you time and money. By working with us, you do not have to create new legal structures abroad.

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